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The Amazing 15th Annual Marketers Cruise - NEW DATES!

Nov. 6th to 14th, 2021- Port Canaveral (Orlando) - Aruba - Bonaire - Grand Turk Island  

logo for MarketersCruise marketing cruise

Mastermind in Paradise

Where Profitable Deals Are Done While On Vacation And Having Fun!

Setting Sail From Port Canaveral, FL on:

November 6th, 2021


Your Hosts

photograph of MarketersCruise's CFO Captain Lou

Chief Fun Organizer

Captain Lou

Special events at sea

What happens next is.....? EVERYTHING! Captain Lou is here to make sure everything goes great for your Marketers Cruise experience. Lou and his team of angels will make this not only your best vacation ever, but they will also make sure you can profit from it. The cruise would not happen without Lou and his team.

photograph of Groove Digital's CEO Mike Filsaime

Your Host

Mike Filsaime

Entrepreneur and marketing consultant

Mike is the Co-Founder of GrooveFunnels and GroovePay. Mike has launched and sold many multi-million dollar brands and the companies he has founded have done over $150 Million in Revenue. It was Mike's vision along with Captain Lou to start the Marketers Cruise 15 years ago.

photograph of MarketersCruise's event Emcee Tom Beal

Event Emcee

Tom Beal

Chief inspiration officer

Are you ready to effortlessly & easily simplify your success? Tom's unique perspectives, experiences, tools, and systems have helped thousands. Tom and Lou run all of our highly popular Business Building Masterminds and facilitated Networking sessions.

70 Percent Fun In The Sun!

Life Changing Fun

You Deserve A Vacation After All

Networking and Schmoozing while Caribbean cruising. All work and no fun makes marketers dull people. That's why over 70 percent of your Marketers Cruise is all about fun. But it's fun with successful entrepreneurs and Millionaires. Is there any better way to make friends, bring the family, and just have a blast while traveling the world? We don't think so.

30 Percent Business Building!

Life Changing Stories

Here Are Real Marketers Telling Their Stories

They didn't know it would change their life and business when booking. It was only after living the dream that these friends could make the impact on their business. It will cost you too much NOT to sail with over 400 of the worlds top marketers. Scenes from prior sailings.

photograph from one of the MarketersCruise attendees

30 Seconds of Fame, Lifetime of Profits

Introduce Yourself to 400 Entrepreneurs

On the first sea day and the first session, you and everyone gets to queue up to the microphone and tell the group about your area of expertise and what you need help with . Then you say your name, business, URL, and what page you can be found on in the directory.

Everyone listening will mark down the 25-30 people they want to connect with on the cruise. Now you have all week. Go for it!

photograph from one of the MarketersCruise attendees

The Who’s Who

Want to know who's going? Every year we publish our "Million-Dollar VIP Directory with bios and full contact details. You get your name and full page listing added as well and you get a free full printed version when you book your cruise and attend the cruise. If you want your name added to this directory just book your cruise. 

Not Just Pizza And Profits

We Mean Networking 24/7

On the first sea day and the first session, you and everyone gets to queue up to the microphone and tell the group about your area of expertise and what you need help with . Then you say your name, business, URL, and what page you can be found on in the directory.

highlights from the MarketersCruise event Check Rates and Availability

Experts and Honored Guests

Your speakers are group leader partners that have joined with us to promote the cruise. Our honored guests are some industry legends that we want to feature here on this page to give you an idea of just some of the people you will be meeting and making life long personal and business relationships with.

photograph of MarketersCruise guest Daven Michaels


Daven Michaels


photograph of MarketersCruise guest Paul Finck

Maverick Millionaire

Paul Finck

Business & Personal Development

photograph of MarketersCruise guest Tim Johnson

The Closer

Tim Johnson


photograph of MarketersCruise guest John Adams

Real Estate Expert

John Adams

Talk Radio Host

photograph of MarketersCruise guest James Dentley


James Dentley

Life and Business Strategist

photograph of MarketersCruise guest Bill Walsh

The Rainmaker

Bill Walsh

Powerteam International

Alina Vincent

Business Strategist

Alina Vincent

5 Day Challenges Expert

photograph of MarketersCruise guest Peter Wolfing


Peter Wolfing

Network Marketing Ninja

photograph of MarketersCruise guest Iman Aghay

Online Courses

Iman Aghay

Ultimate Online Course Formula

photograph of MarketersCruise guest Jay Fiset


Jay Fiset

Fun and Profit

Alex koval


Alex Koval


photograph of MarketersCruise guest

Our Next Group Leader


Make sure to learn about our Group Leader program.

Make The Best of The Sea Days

Learn From The Legends

Some of the smartest legends and Gurus will be on board, but the real treat are the underground entrepreneurs that are making millions that come to share while they learn. Every niche from marketing, B2B, software, health and wellness, personal development, real estate and more.

highlights from the MarketersCruise event
highlights from the MarketersCruise event

Just Ask and You Shall Receive

Expert Panels

Every year we do a special session. From lead generation to facebook traffic. How to fill a room for your event to how to automate your webinars.

We then get 6-8 experts on a panel and you get to ask any question and they will give you LIFE CHANGING coaching for Free!

highlights from the MarketersCruise event

A Few Hours To Learn While We Sail

Group Leaders Share, Not Sell

You'r group leaders are some of the best in the game when it comes to getting traffic and converting leads to buyers. These experts invite their own students on the cruise and you get to learn from them for free.

highlights from the MarketersCruise event
highlights from the MarketersCruise event

Everyone’s Favorite Session

Cool Tools, Tips and Resources

This is the can't miss event. Everyone lines up and shares a tip, resource, website, iPhone app, or hack that they just learned this last year and now can not live without.

Imagine having 250 HOLY SHIP moments. And don't worry your head won't explode. We have someone who takes notes and posts them later in our private Marketers Cruise Friends facebook group.

highlights from the MarketersCruise event

Win The Annual Heart of Gold

Every year you and your peers vote for the fellow cruise guest who shares the best information.​

Annual Costume Party + Networking!

Happy Times

We usually have our costume party towards the end of the cruise. "Why?" you ask. Because after 7 days of networking, drinking, and just plain old having a blast, something crazy happens. We become a family.

Now's the time to act a little silly. Act just a little fun. You have made friends and you can let loose a little. As you can see by the photo, whether it's a white hot, red hot, super hero, or Mexican fiesta party, we are just having FUN! And that's when the best deals are made. If your spouse doesn't think he/she will know anyone, there's everyone else's spouse (and families) to make friends with. 

FAIR WARNING: This is the day everyone cries because we'll have to say good bye soon.

highlights from the MarketersCruise event
highlights from the MarketersCruise event

Don’t Forget The Group Photo!

group photo from all Marketers Cruise attenddes

Every year for 15 years we take a group photo. Many of them are scattered all over this site and in the videos. The final zoom close up shot gets everyone in it and you have a souvenir as a gift from us to remind you of the event that made your dreams come true. 

Check Rates and Availability

100 Percent Dream Lifestyle

Ports of Call

2021 Exotic Southern Caribbean Itinerary

Offering Private Shore Excursions Just For Group Of Marketers

Grand Turk Island

photograph of Grand Turk Island

Site of our Big Networking Marketers Cruise Beach and Pool Party!

Grand Turk Island is the capital island of the Turks and Caicos archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s dotted with the remains of salt ponds and windmills from the island’s sea salt industry, prevalent from the 17th to 20th century. The 19th-century Grand Turk Lighthouse is perched on a rocky bluff in the north. Beaches with clear water ring the island, which is home to wild horses and donkeys.

Enjoy a HUGE fresh water pool with swim-up bar, Margaritaville, Flow-Rider, Massages on the Beach and our ship docked right there!